Congratulations Captain! You have successfully completed your jet type rating. The most exciting part of training is about to begin: Mentoring or Supervised Operating Experience (SOE). 

Mentoring allows you to truly learn the capabilities and the limitations of your jet aircraft in a low-stress environment. Together, we will fly out of your home airport on the typical flights you will normally fly. Along the way, you will be exposed to the National Airspace System and learn how to safely and confidently operate your jet aircraft. 


A typical mentoring experience will include: 

  • SIDS and STARS  
  • Climb and Descend Via’s 
  • Visual Approaches 
  • Crosswind Takeoff and Landings
  • High Altitude Operations 
  • Holding Procedures 
  • Winter or Summer Operations (As Appropriate) 
  • Maximum Performance Climbs and Descents 
  • Mountain Operations 
  • Short Field Landings  

Advanced Mentoring

Turbo charge your capabilities and confidence with VLJet Mentoring. You’ve gained experience from flying on your own, but real jet pilots constantly pursue mastery. VLJet Mentoring will give you greater command over your Mustang, Phenom 100, or Phenom 300. Typical Advanced Mentoring training sessions may include:  

  • Maximum speed to the Final Approach Fix (FAF) 
  • Practice Emergency Descents  
  • Single Engine Circle to Land 
  • Close-In Touch and Go (Take-off and Landings)
  • Approach and Landings without Airspeed Indicators 
  • ILS Approaches on the Standby Instruments 
  • Single Engine Short Field Landings