Embraer Phenom 100, Embraer Phenom 300, Citation Mustang, Beechcraft Premier


Why aren't you flying a jet? Sure, a single-engine piston is a necessary right of passage, but it's not a jet.  The power and elegance of a jet are unmistakable, but did you consider that a jet is also much safer? Fly above treacherous weather and turbulence, far away from danger with the reliable smoothness of jet engines ensuring your arrival in comfort and style. At VLJet Mentoring, we specialize in teaching successful business owners and professionals to become confident and capable jet pilots. Our individually-tailored training programs are a product of our extensive experience as jet pilots and instructors. Yes, you can go directly from a Cirrus to a Citation. We have a proven track record of teaching low experienced pilots, pilots without multi-engine ratings, and even pilots without an instrument rating how to safely and confidently captain their own Jet. After all, why not invest your time and your resources into the aircraft you actually want to fly?   Unlike traditional simulator courses, we understand busy family and career schedules, and VLJet Mentoring specifically tailors its courses to you.   

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